Christian & Erna Faber
Registered with KUSA since 1993
Member of FBCSA since 1987














Ch Maroelani Vanilla Ice    Heart: Clear



DOB: 20/10/2004

Sire: Lincor's Borris of Bodshiva   HD: 0-1 ED:0-0 Heart: Clear
Dam: Eldad Dream Again of Maroelani   Heart: Clear



  • Winner of working Group at SA Ladies under John Kehoe (Ireland) - 14/10/07
  • Best of Breed at TKC under Rafael Malo Alcrudo (Spain) - 13/10/07
  • Ice was shown under selected judges only and became a KUSA champion in a very short period
  • First time out: 25/03/06 Eastern Districts Kennel Club - Reserve Best of Breed and CC under Mr F Da Costa Maia (Brazil)
  • 05/05/06 Natal Working & Herding - CC under Mr R Greer (New Zealand)
  • 06/05/06 Highway Kennel Club - CC under Mrs S Taylor (Australia)
  • 07/05/06 Natal Coast Kennel Club - Best of Breed and CC under Mrs M McLennan (Australia)
  • 21/05/06 Western Gauteng Kennel Club - CC under Mr R Forsyth (South Africa)
  • 24/06/06 Working & Herding Golden Reef - CC under Mr NS Kay (South Africa)  

Ice was bred to UK Import Faerdorn Top Gun at Mazarat (owner: Anne Manduall-Carkeek) and in Spring of 2006 produced a beautiful litter of which the only bitch, Maroelani Forever Amber, went to Anne down in KwaZuluNatal. Amber has a promising show career ahead and will be shown at the 2008 shows.

Her second litter in the winter of 2007 was sired by a brindle male Maroelani Bouncer and she raised a big litter of nine puppies with ease.


Surprising results for Maroelani Boxers at Boxer Club Gold Reef’s Championship show held on 12 October 2008. After successfully raising the “O” litter and battling to get back in to shape, Ice was only entered to support the club’s show entries. However, she has won the champion class and was awarded Reserve Best of Breed!



Ch & Ch (FBCSA) Maroelani Scala    HD:00 ED:00 Heart: Clear



DOB: 26/07/03

Sire: Ch & GrCh(FBCSA) Tanyati Greystoke   HD:1-0 ED:0-0 Heart: Clear
Dam: Maroelani Bright Barbara   Heart: Clear


  • Scully achieved a few Best Puppy awards and was placed 3 in the puppy group by Mr Magasaysay (Phillippines)
  • She was rated excellent at the FCI Africa show by Mr Guy Spagnolo and also awarded Reserve best of Breed by him.
  • Scala is the first Boxer bitch to achieve championship status in both KUSA & FBCSA



Scala was bred to a UK import Ch Witherford Censored HD:00 Heart: Clear (owner: Monique Hodgkinson) and produced 4 boys. One red, two brindles and a beautiful white, Bachelor, who turned out to be deaf.


Her second litter was sired by Ch Thasrite Red Bull HD: 0-0 ED:0-0 Heart: Clear (Owners: Marlien Heystek & Johan Kieser). Three males and one female were born on the 19th May 2007 and raised sucessfully. My husband decided that Maroelani Jade Emperor is going to stay with us and JAD will start his show career in the 2008 season.



Ch & Ch (FBCSA) Boraine's Athos Of Maroelani    HD:0-0 ED: 0-0 Heart: Clear



DOB: 19/05/03

Sire: Ch Maroelani C. Diezel   HD:1-1 ED: 0-0 Heart: Clear
Dam: Burn’s Sasha of Boraine   Heart: Clear


  • 2007: KUSA National Working Dog
  • 2007: KUSA National Working Dog
  • 2007: KUSA National Boxer
  • 2006: Best in Show BCGR – Ronnie Tolson (Ireland)
  • 2006: KUSA National Boxer
  • 2005: Best in Show FCI Africa
  • 2005: KUSA National Working Dog
  • 2005: KUSA National Boxer
  • 2005: WODAC – Open Stakes Winner
  • 2005: WODAC – Top 8 in SA Bred
  • 2005: FBCSA – Runner up Boxer of the Year - Attie started showing in the Federation at the end of August and qualified as a champion in only 6 weeks!

He was awarded Group 1st and being placed in the top 4 at numerous occasions. Attie is 5 years old and on early retirement. He will only be taken out to support the club’s specialist shows for the fun of it.



Maroelani Honey Biscuit HD: B2-B1 ED: 0-0 Heart: Clear

Sire: Ch Faerdorn Top Design of Mazarat HD: 0-1 Heart: Clear
Dam: Maroelani Tazz Heart: Clear

Biscuit won Best Puppy and CC’s under UK and Australian judges. Hopefully she will pick up the last few after her first litter.


Maroelani Ocean No Eleven

The eleventh puppy born.

Ice had a very busy morning. The puppies were born fast. (Like waves) Ice came out of the whelping box - dropped the puppy at my feet and went back tending to the rest. The ‘Tsunami’! The farm girl! She is very lively and outgoing and always in trouble. She cleared our kitchen’s lower door at four months and is a master in retrieving and carrying all sorts of articles around. She loves bringing me nice gifts …. Like dead rats and donkey dung Ocean managed to beat her sister a few times.