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26 Jan 2011



Our 2010 champions.

Our girls from the “O” litter excelled in the show ring in the past two years.

‘Flame’ was awarded Boxer Club Gold Reef’s Best Puppy for 2009 and reached championship status in April 2010. She has won multiple Best Puppy, BOB and group placing under both international and local judges several times. Thanks to those who recognised her outstanding qualities.


Ch Maroelani Olympic Flame HD: B1-B1, HD: 0-0, Heart: Clear




Flame's litter sister ‘Ocean’ decided that 2010 was also her year and finished on a high by winning a 2point CC under Carol Gilmour. She went BEST IN SHOW at Boxer Club Gold Reef’s specialist show in October. Thanks to Debbie Erasmus for her assistance handling and showing her superbly on the day.

Ch Maroelani Ocean No 11 HD:C1-C2, ED:0-0, Heart: Clear


I did it….I did it!
Ocean bragging about her BIS


We have posted some PUPPY updates!

13 Dec 2009

Loads of updates!


  • New pages created of the following Maroelani litters:

    (Entered by Francois de Wet - Rustenburg)

    Maroelani Popinjay (Maroelani Jade Emperor X Maroelani Tazz)


  • Maroelani in and around the show ring!
    • Maroelani Honey Biscuit HD: B2-B1 ED: 0-0 Heart: Clear
      Sire: Ch Faerdorn Top Design of Mazarat HD: 0-1 Heart: Clear
      Dam: Maroelani Tazz Heart: Clear

  • Biscuit won Best Puppy and CC’s under UK and Australian judges. Hopefully she will pick up the last few after her first litter.

    • Maroelani Olympic Flame at nine months
      (Ch Thasrite Red Bull X Ch Maroelani Vanilla Ice)

    Flame and her co-owner/handler, Debbie Erasmus, did really well during the past year picking up multiple Best puppy, Best of Breed and Reserve Best of Breed at open and championship shows. She won her first CC at nine months and was consistently placed in the top Working Group – Puppy. In March she won the group at the Roodepoort and Districts championship show under Marlien Heystek. She only needs her maturity CC to qualify for champion status .


    The eleventh puppy born.
    Ice had a very busy morning. The puppies were born fast. (Like waves) Ice came out of the whelping box - dropped the puppy at my feet and went back tending to the rest. The ‘Tsunami’! The farm girl! She is very lively and outgoing and always in trouble. She cleared our kitchen’s lower door at four months and is a master in retrieving and carrying all sorts of articles around. She loves bringing me nice gifts …. Like dead rats and donkey dung Ocean managed to beat her sister a few times.


    Do you recognise Ocean and Flame? They are siblings of the “O” Litter and were one year old in July.

19 Mar 2009 Photos of the P Litter posted on our PUPPIES page!
15 Mar 2009

Sadly we have a fresh grave under the trees.....

Maroelani Umberto BH.AD
HD: 0-1 ED: 0-0 Heart: Clear
DOB: 03/12/98
Sire: Ch Jetaime’s Baron HD: 2-1 Heart: Clear
Dam: Ch Maroelani’s Ulrike HD: 0-0 Heart: Clear

Not very long ago Berto retired as an active blood donor. Today I had to hold him and calm him for the last time while the Vet battled to find a suitable vein for life saving blood! Unfortunately all the efforts were too late and he went to sleep in my arms. He was recently diagnosed with a very aggressive malignant growth on his hind leg which started bleeding during the night.

Berto was this ‘butler’ type of dog with always the ‘what can I do to please you madam’ expression on his face. This silent companion that was never pushy passed his Begeleit Hund with flying colours in Bloemfontein and in August 2001 we did the 20km endurance trial with ease.

Thanks Berto for being there for us for so many nights. Guarding our house and property and keeping us safe. He happily greeted us every morning waiting for his biscuit reward! We will surely miss you…

May you be at peace

16 Nov 2008

Berto retires as a blood donor. Read about this HERE.


10 Sept 2008 New photos of Ice and Felix's babies posted on the PUPPIES page!
15 July 2008 We've added a PUPPIES page!
28 April 2008

Today on Freedom Day 2008 I had to make a heart breaking trip to the Vet to set our beloved Novi's spirit free. The big C caught up with her and I could no longer watch her struggle through every day. The wonderful plain bitch who gave me two champions: Maroelani's C Diezel & Maroelani 's Cuschka. The laid back quiet bitch that fiercely guarded our house and family for the past 9 years will be sadly missed by Christian and me.


Maroelani's Novak (Novi) DOB 23/08/97

(Sire: Ch Tambays Beau Regard Dam: Ch Maroelani's Aiden)

29 March 2008

Biscuit won her first CC under Australian Judge Mr Doug Ford.

Maroelani Honey-Biscuit (Sire: Ch Faerdorn Top Design at Mazarat Dam: Maroelani Tazz)

Heart: Clear

02 March 2008
Ch Maroelani Vanilla Ice wins Best of Breed at the Liesbeek Championship show in Constantia Cape Town, under Boxer Breed Specialist Ms Marlien Heystek.
24 Feb 2008

Ch Boraine's Athos of Maroelani wins Best of Breed at the Boxer Club Gold Reef's Open Show.

Maroelani Honey Biscuit wins Best Junior in Show