Christian & Erna Faber
Registered with KUSA since 1993
Member of FBCSA since 1987







Jolyt Dauntless of Maroelani


(*Rembrandt vd Aakant X Jakkalsdans Seawitch of Jolyt)

‘Rocky’ My very first boxer. The gentle boxer that walked into my heart and life in 1987 when he was already 18 months old. Sire of our first bred champion, Binke. *Imported



Jakkalsdans Fantasy of Maroelani


(*Ch Filou von Nassau-Oranien Sch H 1 X Ballyduff’s Velvet Touch of Jakkalsdans)


‘Tessie’ was treated for snakebite at Onderstepoort and when she came home in season the fortunate
‘accident’ happened and our first bred champion, Binke, was born two months later! *Imported



Jolyt Kirghiz of Maroelani


Heart: Clear

(bred by Altalise Baard)
(Ch Beckleavale’s Castizo HD: 0-0 Heart: Clear X Ch Jolyt Exchange)

Jonah hated the show ring but was always ready to play ball or tug of war! He sired Ch Maroelani’s Karmeli.



Maroelani’s Umberto AD BH


HD: 0-1   ED: 0-0   Heart: Clear
(Ch Jetaimes Baron HD:2-1 X Ch Maroelani Ulrike HD: 0-0 Heart: Clear)


Newsflash! November 2008.


After 8 years of actively donating blood at Onderstepoort, BERTO recently retired.
During this time his blood count never dropped below 50!
He was handsomely rewarded by Royal Canin for his unselfish efforts over the years. Berto now spend his days sleeping in the sun/shade and still enjoys going out for short
walks in the bushveld.



Maroelani’s Wise Whoopi


(3 points)
(Ch Tambay’s Beau Geste X Ch Maroelani’s Ulrike HD:0-0 Heart: Clear)

Whoopi is still the hyper active puppy at the age of 8 years. She should have been Wild Whoopi!



Maroelani’s Bright Barbara


3 Points)
(Maroelani’s Garp TS X Maroelani’s Nitya)

Babes pregnant with her last litter in 2006. She sadly died in 2007 from tick-bite fever.



Beckleavale’s Keyla-Lea


(Maroelani’s Umberto X Ch Beckleavale’s Kirichunka)


Keyla (pictured at 12 weeks) is from the last litter that was bred by Lea Pelser and we are very happy to have her. She was awarded the CC by Ilona Schenk (Holland) at the Pietermaritzburg show in 2003.

Keyla is currently an active blood donor at Onderstepoort Blood Bank.



Maroelani’s Tazz


Ch Maroelani’s C. Diezel X Maroelani’s Wise Whoopi)


Maroelani’s Novak


Heart: Clear (5 points)
(Ch Tambays Beau Regard X Ch Maroelani’s Aiden)

Novak is now almost 10 years old and still trying to be the alpha bitch. She enjoys being the baby sitter for puppies and the youngsters soon learn to respect the old girl's stares and glares!



Maroelani Xarina


Heart: Clear
(Ch Maroelani’s C. Diezel X Beckleavale’s Keyla-Lea)

Xari already trying to boss at the tender age of 8 weeks.



Maroelani Bouncer


HD: 0-0   ED: 0-1   Heart: Clear
(*Ch Witherford Censored HD: 0-0 Heart Clear X Ch & Ch (FBCSA) Maroelani’s Scala HD: 0-0 ED: 0-1 Heart: Clear) * UK Import


Bouncer hates the show ring, but has proved that he enjoys the working side of Boxerdom!



Maroelani Valona-Vloy


Maroelani Vanilla Ice's litter sister, Maroelani Valona-Vloy, owned by Chris Groenewald,
snatched the 2 point CC from the rest of the field at the Boxer Club Gold Reef's Championship Show held on 12 October 2008!